Tear Down Old Wallpaper

Tear Down Old Wallpaper

Say goodbye to your unwanted wallpaper

Before painting a room, you'll need to remove any wallpaper on the walls. Magic Toolbox Painting LLC can get the job done fast. Don't bother trying to remove wallpaper yourself; you'll just get annoyed and lose several hours of your time. Hiring a professional saves you time and headaches. Homeowners, business owners and property managers can count on us for efficient service.

Let us know right away when you need our wallpaper removal services.

Discover other ways we can maintain your walls

Wallpaper removal is an important part of the painting process. You have to take care of the wallpaper still clinging to the walls before you can move forward. Before painting, it's also important to:
  • Fill in cracks
  • Patch up holes
  • Sand and smooth the surface

After that, you're ready for a fresh coat of paint or brand-new wallpaper. Schedule a wallpaper removal today.