drywall installation austin tx

Are you doing a project and are in need of drywall installation? We an also fix holes, kinks or dents that are currently in your walls. Call the professionals in Austin Tx for all of your drywall needs! Our experts:

  • Will make sure that the area is covered properly
  • Install the drywall
  • Ensure that the drywall is installed up to the construction standards.
  • Paint the wall offer it is installed or repaired

We will make your drywall look brand new, as if it was always there! Contact us for a free estimate!  Do you need an emergency repair? Call 512-430-3790 to speak with a drywall expert immediately.   

drywall repair austin tx

If there is a hole in your wall, we will immediately go in and patch the hole. No matter what size, shape or location on the wall, the professionals at Magic Toolbox Painting LLC can make your home whole again. We will make the holes in your walls disappear like magic! Trust the professionals, if you want to ensure the best results for your walls, we are here to handle any drywall repair job. Our process ensures that all surfaces will get a fine finishing and look brand new.

drywall repair austin tx

Taping and Floating

What is taping and floating when it's related to drywall? The term "taping and floating" is used to describe the way that sheetrock is finished after it is placed on a wall or ceiling. Once the drywall is ready, tape is applied to the joints where the sheetrock is is joined with mud, which is what creates a smooth finish on any wall or ceiling. Floating is done after the tape has been applied, and is essentially another layer of mud that is applied on top of the paint. This process is extremely important when it comes to remodeling drywall in a home. Hire the professionals at Magic Toolbox Painting LLC to turn your space into one that you have always dreamed of!